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Color Fade Animations- Stops are moving on their own

Ive been working on animating this file for a while now. Im using emissive lighting with a color fade animation to cycle through 4 colors at specific times. However, when I finally get everything adjusted just right, work on the next set of light and check back at the work ive done; my stops have all been rearranged. usually all the stops will be stacked on top of eachother and pushed to the right of the timeline. why are my stops not staying in the position I set them too? 

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Hello Alyssa,

Thank you for contacting Luxion Costa Mesa Support.

Would you happen to have used the video below to try and get the effect your going for? Also, would you be able to share the scene with us and screenshot where it's happening so we can try and reproduce it on our end?

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