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Cloth: Analyzing Structure

Whenever I try to edit my realcloth material with more than a couple warps/wefts I get this box that says "Cloth: Analyzing Structure." It usually hits around 97-100% and then freezes. The only option is to force quit KeyShot. This also happens with the built-in realcloth demo file. 

Keyshot version 11.3.3

MacOS 13.2.1

M1 Pro 32GB RAM 

Are you using the 3D Ply option? If so - what are your machine specs? It sounds like a possible RAM limitation - 3D Ply can be very CPU / GPU intensive. 

I'm not running out of ram. I have 32gb of ram in my MacBook and Keyshot only uses about 8gb. I'm not using 3D Ply on my model. No idea what the sample file is using. 

I responded to your Support chain - but this does look like a RAM limitation due to the 3D Ply option. I am able to use 3D Ply on the M1 with less complex models. You can download a revised version of that sample scene here: 

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