The KeyShot plugins are free add-ons that allow you to add a KeyShot menu to the supported 3D CAD application's menu or toolbars. They allow you to easily send over your models to KeyShot with a push of a button and also use live-linking that allows you to make changes in the CAD application and update them to KeyShot.

The currently available KeyShot plugins include support for:

A quick overview of the buttons:

  • Render
    • Sends your CAD┬ámodels to KeyShot
  • Update
    • Update changes from CAD to KeyShot
  • Export
    • Export a KeyShot BIP file from CAD application


  • The links above are for the current KeyShot Version.
  • Each link will give you more information on the features of each plugin.
  • Plugins page for older versions found by clicking here.