When installing KeyShot "Just for me" your KeyShot Programs folder is saved to your personal Users folder (under AppData, a hidden folder). The KeyShot Resources folder will save to your local Documents folder.

KeyShot "Install just for me"

1. KeyShot installed in Users Profile > AppData folder.
2. KeyShot Resources installed in User's Documenets folder.
3. KeyShot application is only available for your user account.

When installing KeyShot for everyone your KeyShot Programs folder is saved in the Program Files folder. KeyShot Resources folder is saved in your Public Documents.

KeyShot "Install for anyone using this computer"

1. KeyShot installed in the default Programs Files folder.
2. KeyShot Resources installed in the Public Documents folder and shared with all user accounts.
3. KeyShot application is available for all user accounts on the computer.