Create Standard Views

Create Standard Views creates seven standard view cameras: front, back, top, bottom, left, right, and isometric. At the end of the article, you will find the annotated script code for your reference.

How the script works:

Section 1: Create dictionary variable views and assign a name for each of the seven standard views.You can find more information about the KeyShot standard views here.

Section 2: Create seven cameras with the names defined in Section 1, and then set the right camera angle.

  • Create a loop that goes through each view name defined in the view variable.

  • Assign the view name to the name variable.

  • Create a boolean variable has and set it to "False".

  • Check if one of the pre-existing cameras already has that name. If it does, set the has variable to "True" and set it's camera to be used for that viewlux.setCamera.

  • If the camera name does not exist already create a new camera with the right name using lux.newCamera.

  • Set the right angle for that view using lux.setStandartView.

  • Save the camera.

  • Display a status message in the console.

Status dialog

After running the script, you will see your seven standard views saved as cameras in the Project window > Camera tab.

Camera views