The following is a troubleshooting guide for customers experiencing issues while saving their KeyShot projects.

Possible Issues:

  • KeyShot displays an error when attempting to save the project.
  • KeyShot saves the project successfully but the file is empty.
  • KeyShot takes a very long time or hangs while saving.


Step 1: It is possible that the restrictions from your first KeyShot trial are still in effect. To fix this, toggle between the two main license types: single-use and floating.

This only applies to floating license holders. If you are not running a floating license, then continue to Step 2 below.

1. Start KeyShot and select "Activate your license" from the registration wizard

Note: If you are currently in "demo" mode, then open the registration wizard from Help (Windows) or KeyShot (Mac) > Register License.

3. Enter your information and click Continue

4. When it asks for the request file please enter LUXI-ONKE-YSHO-TTES-TING.

5. Click Save request file and send that file to us as an attachment.

Wait for an email from (ignore the automatic reply).

6, Once you receive a response from us, download the .lic file.

7. Install the .lic file according to the installation instructions.

8. Save one of your KeyShot projects successfully.

9. Go to Help/KeyShot > Register License, and connect to your floating license server once more.

You should be able to save your KeyShot BIP and KSP files now. Otherwise, proceed to Step 2 below.

Step 2: Check that your Anti-Virus program is not blocking your ability to save BIP files. 

1. Open your anti-virus software and add exceptions for the .BIP and .KSP file extensions.

2. Click the Windows button.

3. Type in "Ransomware Protection" in the search bar.

4. Click to Turn Off.

5. Reinstall KeyShot.

Once KeyShot has been re-installed, you can add it to the list of trusted apps. Then, turn Ransomeware Protection back on. For more information on how to add KeyShot to your list of trusted apps, click here.

Step 3: Turn off "User GPU (enable effects)."

1. Open KeyShot.

2. Go to Edit > Preferences.

3. Uncheck Use GPU (enable effects) and click Save Changes.