A rendering job is done only after all rendering tasks have been processed and after the manager has compiled all of these tasks into the final output. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether a job is stuck or just taking a very long time to render/compile. Before we dive into how to fix this type of issue, please check the following:
  1. KeyShot Network Rendering is up to date.
    You can find the latest version here.

  2. KeyShot Network Rendering license has not expired.
    To see days left until the license expires go to Help > License information inside the KeyShot Network Monitor. If the license has expired, please request a renewal from your sales representative.

  3. Worker nodes are connected to the network.
    Open KeyShot Network Monitor make sure the worker status window contains at least 1 worker. If the 
    Worker Status window is empty go to your worker machines and make sure that your Worker service configurations are set up properly. Once they are set up properly, worker nodes will begin rendering your job.
  4. Status column inside the Worker Status window is set to "Rendering".
    If any of your worker nodes shows Status = Rendering, then the rendering is still being processed. Please wait until all worker nodes have finished rendering. You can also use the Worker Tray to pause worker services that are slow so that a faster worker node can pick up any remaining tasks. 
  5. The number of tasks done is greater than zero but less than total tasks.
    In the queue, notice that each job has a Tasks column. This value shows you the number of tasks done over the number of total tasks in the job (e.g. 9/32). The job is not complete until all tasks are done. The last three tasks are always processed by the Manager and can take longer than usual for large jobs (frame count and resolution). Please wait until all tasks are done.

How to fix it:

  1. Clear the network queue
    Please note that clearing the queue will remove all jobs in the completed and in-progress queues. For instructions on how to clear your network queue, click here.

  2. Perform a fresh installation of KeyShot Network Rendering
    For instructions on how to perform a fresh installation of KeyShot Network Rendering, click here.
  3. Restart the manager
    On the Manager computer, open the KeyShot Network Configurator
    Click on the Close and Restart Services button at the bottom of the window. This will force the service to restart and should get the job to go again.
  4. Update the Floating License software 

If the Network Rendering service is hosted on a Floating License server, go to the Floating License server host and update the Floating License server software. The latest installers can be found at  Where can I find the Installers for KeyShot Floating.

If the issue persists, please contact us at support@luxion.com and send us your KeyShot scene and the KeyShot Network Rendering logs.