When trying to start your KeyShot floating license and it will not launch, you can check the Server status and you will see "FlexNet Licensing error:-1,359.  System Error: 2 No such file or directory"

Instructions on how to fix the issue:
01. Open Luxion License Server software.
02. Stop Service if it's running. 
03. Click on License folder button.
04. Delete all files in the License folder.
05. Open LMTOOLS and look for Luxion License Service.
06. Click on Config Services tab.
07. Click on Remove Service making sure that Luxion License Server is the service selected. 
08. Open Luxion License Server software.
09. Click on Install License tab.
10. Click on Install License and then select your KeyShot floating license.

If the License service still doesn't start then send us a your Luxion Log file.
1. Start Luxion License Server software.
2. Go to Install License tab.
3. Click License folder button.
4. Send us the LUXION.log file located in the folder.
5. Send to license@luxion.com.