SolidWorks is a popular and complicated application, and as such there can be issues when installing and using the SolidWorks plugin. This guide is to give an overview of the more common issues when using the SolidWorks plugin and how to best solve them.

An error occurred during connection to Keyshot: Failed to Connect. Could not get a scene api. Please check your Keyshot Installation

This error message is usually caused when KeyShot is installed on a different drive than Solidworks. If this is the case:

On a Windows PC, enter the Registry Editor by hitting the 'Windows' Key and typing 'Reged'.
Check the Registry Entry for: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Luxion\KeyShot.
Confirm that 'ResourceFolder' and 'Resources' lead to the same file path.
If not, confirm where Resources are located and then edit the Registry to match that exact filepath by right-clicking the wrong entries and selecting 'modify'.

If that is not the issue, please make sure the user has full permissions to the SolidWorks and KeyShot folders. An update to either SolidWorks or KeyShot may have broken the already established file paths.

Uninstall SolidWorks, KeyShot and the SolidWorks plugin. Please make a backup of your KeyShot Resources folder to save any models, materials or renders you may have. 
Re-install your current version of KeyShot from either or 
Re-install SolidWorks.
Download the SolidWorks plugin from
Make sure the user has full read and right permissions to the areas you are downloading KeyShot and SolidWorks to.

File does not contain geometry

This issue can be caused by a variety of reasons. One possible issue is an incompatibility with NURBS.

Check the model in SolidWorks to see if NURBS are enabled and/or some of the geometry have NURBS applied. 
If some of the geometry has NURBS applied but NURBS are not enabled in SolidWorks, please do so and then try to export through the plugin to see if that solves the issue.

If the model was created on an older version of SolidWorks and new geometry was added in a newer version:

Update the model's geometry to your current version of SolidWorks to fix any compatibility issues. After updating all geometries, save in model in your current SolidWorks and use the plugin to see if the issue was solved. 

Try sending the assembly over piece by piece to see if there is any part in particular causing the issue. There may be something in an assembly that is preventing the entire thing from importing.