This error message means the connection was broken due to disconnection from the network, however the system has initiated roaming to another access point. 

This is most commonly caused by the default ports are being used or  a VPN/Firewall setting stopping the connection.

Please confirm that ports 27000-27010 are available in your network firewall.

If you have a Firewall or have other License servers running on the same machine you may need to change the Server Ports, this can be done by clicking the Server Ports button.

  • FlexLM Port: Change this to avoid port conflicts If you have other License servers - the default is 27000
  • Deamon Port: This is only used for network setups with a Firewall. If a Firewall is used, both ports need to be set and opened in the Firewall.
Please discuss this in detail with your IT department before assigning ports.

Once the ports have been assigned, start the Luxion License server to see if that solves the issue.

If this fails, on a PC:

  1. Stop and close the Luxion License server, then hit the 'windows' key and enter 'LMTools'.
  2. Open LMTools and select the 'Start/Stop/Reread' tab.
  3. If this tab shows that the server is started, click stop.
  4. Start the service to see if it launches. You will see a small message at the bottom of the LMTools windows stating if it started or not.
  5. If it does not start, select the 'Config Services' tab and select 'View Log'.
  6. Make a copy of this log and send it to

On a MacOS:
  1. Stop the Luxion License server and select the License Folder button
  2. Find the file LUXION.log
  3. Make a copy of this file and send it to