Just a warning that you will be making changes to your Windows Registry so follow directions exactly or it might cause issues.

Click your Windows search bar and type RegEdit.


2. Go to Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\KeyShot.Document, and make sure entry looks like image below. 3. If any of the entries above are missing make sure to right-click and add new Key in the KeyShot.Document folder. a. DefaultIcon     b. shell\open\command\ c. ShellEx\IconHandler The information should match that in those locations.

So in this in this one we will be adding the CLSID.

1. Look for folder {7FA698E6-F685-4536-B5CF-93F704102025}

2. In the Key {7FA698E6-F685-4536-B5CF-93F704102025} make sure entry looks like below.

3. Go to folder InProcServer32 and make sure entries match.

If you don't feel comfortable making changes into your Registry I would recommend that you have your IT department do it for you.