If In KeyShot you are receiving the error message there are a few things to note on this:

We added a limiting parameter to Fuzz similar to max triangle count for displacement in order to prevent extreme curve counts. It is not an error as such, but a warning that the parameters you have specified for Fuzz would cause the generated number of curves to exceed the limit set on the 'Max Curves' parameter on Fuzz. In the presence of textures the limit may not be completely accurate. 

To by pass this:
You need to increase the Max Curves value on the Fuzz node. The number of curves depends quite sensitively on the scale of your object and the Density of the curves. If you set Max Curves to 200 you will be capped at 200 million curves which should put a bit strain on your memory.

If you have more questions regarding this please create a support ticket by contacting Support@Luxion.com