If you look at your Luxion.log file by clicking the License Folder button within the Luxion License Server application and open the Luxion.log file you will see the entry below.

Editing your computers Hosts file.
1. Open Terminal by doing CMD + Spacebar to open your Search Bar.
2. Type HostName in Terminal.
3. Copy your HostName down.
4. Type open /etc and hit Enter key.
5. Copy your hosts file to your desktop.
6. Open the hosts file with a text editor application (TextEdit, Text Wrangler, etc)
7. Go to bottom of hosts file and type in hit Tab button and enter your HostName from step 2.
8. Save the hosts file and copy it back to the /etc folder and overwrite the original file.
9. Open Luxion License Server and try to start the service.


This may affect Macintosh computers.