The floating license won't start after moving to a new server

When moving your KeyShot floating license to a new computer you may run into issues where it will not start up because the license file may still be attached to the old server. The license file is linked to the HostName and MAC address of the computer that it will be running on and if you wanna move your license we would need to update the license for you.

So that we can help you with this we would need some information from you to help you get a new license file. 

Your Current Floating license.

Fill out, sign, and date the attached license transfer form.

We would need your HostName and MAC address, the below instructions will help you get that information. 

Windows Instructions:
1. Open the Windows Command Prompt and type ipconfig /all
2. Press Enter.
3. Your HostName will be at the very top under your ipconfig /all command.
4. Your MAC address is the Physical Address of the connection that is Enabled and Preferred.

Macintosh Instructions:

1. Open the Terminal application and type HostName.
2. Press Enter.
3. Your HostName will be displayed under your HostName command.
4. Now type ifconfig.
5. Press Enter.
6. Your MAC address will be shown in the List.
7. Sens us a Screenshot of the Terminal window.