Generally there are two causes for this error:

Port number conflict

Make sure that you don't have two Luxion license services running, not even for two different releases of our software. Also make sure that you have not specified an LMGRD port or vendor daemon port for the Luxion license service that is in use by the FLEXnet license service from another vendor.

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) 

Data Execution Prevention is a security feature that can help prevent damage to your computer from viruses and other security threats. Harmful programs can try to attack Windows by attempting to run (also known as execute) code from system memory locations reserved for Windows and other authorized programs. 

In older versions of windows, start the Data Execution Protection from Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance Settings > Data Execution Prevention. 

Then either stop Data Execution Protection or add exceptions for LUXION.exe, LMtools.exe and Lmgrd.exe

If the suggestions above do not solve the issue, please contact for further assistance.