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Modified on: Tue, 26 Oct, 2021 at 4:39 AM


After installing an updated license file,the startup is successful but users are receiving an error message stating that the License Server is available only for other versions of KeyShot. 

Most likely, the LMTools application is still using the old license file. 

To solve this issue, try the following:

  1. Stop and close the Luxion License Server (if already opened)
  2. Press the Windows key and enter LMTools to open the LMTools application
  3. Click the Start/Stop/ReRead tab and stop the License server here as well
  4. Open the Config Services tab and click Browse to Path to the license file
  5. Browse to the location the new license is and select the license file
  6. Click Save Service and return to the Start/Stop/ReRead tab
  7. Make sure the Luxion License Server is highlighted and press Start Server to restart the License Server
    1. A small message should appear at the bottom indicating if the server has started or not
    2. If the server has not started 
  8. Reopen the Luxion License Server and select Install License
  9. Install the new license file and start the license server

Both LMTools and the Luxion License server are now in sync and using the new license.

If you are still having issues after this send us the Luxion log file by submitting a ticket to Support.


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