When installing KeyShot to a Network Drive,  you may experience issues such as folders being unavailable, changes in your program settings and possibly the inability to launch KeyShot.

This is caused by everything, including your settings, being shared by all users on the network drive.
When KeyShot is installed to a Network Drive, your Settings.xml file will overwrite the settings file that what is already stored, changing what was previously set up. 
Any changes you would make to the xml file would then be overwritten by the next user, and so on.
This can also cause problems with Folders, particularly the Plugins Folder as this needs to be available locally in order to access the correct file paths between your CAD program and KeyShot. A Network Drive will have certain permissions and settings that could block this.

In this case, we highly recommend first installing KeyShot locally. Then, through the Preferences option, add your network drive file paths to the correct folders.
This will give you access to all items stored on OneDrive, while making sure your primary file paths to the plugins folder and XML files are segregated and not affected by any changes made by other users.

To modify your Resource File Path:

  • First, it is recommended that you create a backup of your Resource Folder to save any textures, models and renders
  • Uninstall your current installation of KeyShot
  • Download a Fresh Installation using the Full Installer
  • Download KeyShot to a local drive
  • Follow the instructions provided during installation and launch KeyShot as normal
  • Once launched, open your Preferences and select 'Folders'
  • Here, you will see what file paths are used to access your files. Click the Folder icon next to the desired folder and add your Network File Path.

You should now have access to everything on the Network Drive while maintaining the integrity of your personal settings and information.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact support@luxion.com. A representative will look into this matter further.