After setting up your Luxion License server, users may experience issues accessing the server to receive a license. This can be caused by the incorrect information being used, network security, or an issue with the server itself. Below you will find a few things you can do to troubleshoot this situation and get your users back online.


Incorrect Information

On occasion, users will enter an older serial code or other information when trying to connect to the license server.
To connect to your Floating License server, please enter one of the following*:
  • Designated Port@Server Host Name
  • @Server Host Name
  • Designated Port@Host IP Address
  • @Host IP Address
*Please enter the required information and not the exact text written above.

If the information was entered correctly, users should now have access to the server.


If still unable to connect,  users may not have access to the host server's network.
Have the user open their command console/terminal and enter:

ping *server IP ADDRESS*

*please enter the required information and not the exact text

If the user receives a response and is able to contact the server, there may be a port forwarding issue.
To check if there is a problem with the License server, open the Luxion License Server application and click 'Status'.

If the server is running, please have the administrator or IT admin go through the logs to see if anything is preventing the connection.
More than likely this will be a blocked port. 
In this case, please assign a dedicated port for the Luxion License server and the Daemon Port to allow for external access. Once that is set up, assign these ports to your license file using the steps below.
1. Start the Luxion License Server application. 
2. Go to the Install License tab. 
3. Click Set Server Ports
4. FlexLM Port: Change this to avoid port conflicts. If you have another License server running on the same machine. (Default Port: 27000) 
5. Daemon Port: This is only used for network setups with a Firewall. If a Firewall is used, both ports need to be set and opened in the Firewall.
 6. Click OK
7. Click Reread License File to make sure the changes are applied.

License Server error

After checking the Status of the Luxion License server, if there is an error message or anything indicating the server is not responding, please send us a copy of the Luxion.log file.
This is located in the License folder. 
You can send this to A representative will go through the files and be able to assist you.