Does KeyShot Make Use of My Graphics Card while Rendering?

Luxion has introduced the option of GPU rendering in KeyShot 9. Rendering in GPU or CPU is independent workflows, as a result, the Graphics Card requirements are dependent on how you plan to use KeyShot.
 Users may choose to only utilize the CPU rendering option, in which case KeyShot does NOT make use of your graphics card (GPU) while rendering. When choosing CPU for rendering, the GPU is only used to display the KeyShot interface, as well as some features such as the Geometry View and Bloom effects. To process these features, any graphics modern graphics card will satisfy the minimum requirements.

For users that wish to take advantage of GPU rendering, the GPU mode button will appear in the Ribbon of KeyShot 9 if your computer has NVIDIA GPUs built on the NVIDIA Maxwell microarchitecture found in the Quadro M6000 or GTX 980 and above.

KeyShot will recognize multiple GPUs in the system, however, NVLink is now supported.

For full System Requirements, please see here: