The USD, GLB (gLTF) and 3MF are all part of the Smart Export option in KeyShot 10, This will require certain steps in order too have the model export correctly:

UV unwrap>Bake>Package

UV unwrapping can be accomplished by using either the UV unwrapping tool within KeyShot or a similar tool that can be found in most CAD software like (Blender, Maya )

Baking and Packaging This process will be done in the exporting function when selecting the file type 

When exporting the file selecting the samples and DPI will determine the quality of the exported model

  • Note selecting higher DPI or high samples depending on the complexity of the model can cause long baking and packaging time. Depending on the device it is being imported to might cause instability and crashing if the file is to large.
  • Note The GLTF format does not support following material types: Flat, Thin Film, Translucent, Advanced, Anisotropic, Gem.

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