When looking at your KeyShot floating license there are times when some of the information that you are looking at can be confusing and knowing what you are looking at helps resolve some of the issues you may have with your license file. 

The information below is what would be in your created KeyShot Floating License.

SERVER Luxion 001122334455
FEATURE keyshot2 LUXION 10.0 23-may-2021 1 DUP_GROUP=UHD BORROW=720 \
FEATURE keyshot_enterprise LUXION 10.0 23-may-2021 1 DUP_GROUP=UHD \
FEATURE keyshot_vr LUXION 10.0 23-may-2021 1 DUP_GROUP=UHD BORROW=720 \
FEATURE keyshot_network_rendering LUXION 10.0 08-may-2021 32 \
FEATURE keyvr LUXION 10.0 23-may-2021 1 DUP_GROUP=UHD BORROW=720 \

Luxion = HostName, 001122334455 = MAC address


Will reference the LUXION file in the server folder.

FEATURE feature_option LUXION 10.0 04-apr-2021 40 BORROW \
The floating feature will be one of the feature_options below. The number will be the version of KeyShot you are able to use up to. The time_frame is length of time to use license. The number after the time frame shows many seats your license has. This is how many users can connect at once to the floating license. The Borrow is the number of days you can take your license on the go.

Feature Options 
keyshot2 = "KeyShot Pro Floating"
keyshot_enterprise = "KeyShot Enterprise Floating"
keyshot_vr = "KeyShot Web/XR"
keyshot_network_rendering = "KeyShot Network Rendering Floating"
keyvr = "KeyVR floating" (not yet available)

Time Frame

Borrow time allowed