KeyShot Plugin does not appear in Fusion 360 or does not function specifically on Macs

Environment Details

  • KeyShot 11 or 2023
  • Recent Fusion 360 Plugin
  • M1 or M2 Machines


  • Previously, Fusion 360 was not natively supported on Apple's Silicon chipset. Instead, it was using Rosetta 2 to run on M1 and M2 machines. Fusion 360 has been updated and is now running natively on Appleā€™s Silicon chipset as of July 25, 2023. 
  • Due to this change, the KeyShot Plugin for Fusion 360 needed to be rebuilt. 


Our developers have created a new KeyShot Plugin for Fusion 360 and it has been released. 

New Fusion 360 Plugin

Mac Fusion 360 Plug-in Download