How to locate the subscription serial code within KeyShot.


  • KeyShot Cloud Account
  • Subscription License
  • KeyShot
    • Any version


To locate your serial code, please follow the initial steps depending on if you are on Macintosh or Windows:


On Windows:
If you are in KeyShot, go to the 'Help' dropdown menu and select 'Manage Account'.

On Mac:
If you are in KeyShot, go to the KeyShot dropdown and select 'Show License Information'. In the pop-up box that shows up, select 'Manage Account'.


1. Then log in to your KeyShot Cloud Account if you aren't already.
2. Select the Subscriptions & Billing Tab.

3. Find the license in the list that you want the serial code for. Click on the three dots on the right side of the license. You will see a pop-up that says 'View Details'.

4. Once you select 'View Details', you will see your serial code in the details that appear.