What is 3MF?

A 3MF file is a file format for 3D printing that contains information about the geometry, materials, colors, textures, and other properties of a 3D model. It is an open-source standard developed by the 3MF Consortium, which includes companies like Microsoft, Autodesk, HP, and others.


  • KeyShot
    • Version 10+


  1. Select File > Export > 3MF, select a location, and give the file a name.

  2. In the 3MF Export window, you can adjust the size, texture resolution, number of samples, and other preferences for your 3D printable file.

  3. Click Export to bake and export your 3MF file.

More information can be found in our KeyShot manual for best practices, which includes additional guides and quick tip videos.

Another great source from the GRABCAD Community on the 3MF workflow for instructions, on how to print on the J series printers like J55 & J128.

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