When trying to load a floating license on your Macintosh computer and it fails to start. Looking at the log file you may see the error below.

(lmgrd) Unknown Hostname: (HostName) specified in the license file is not available in the
local network database
(lmgrd) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 33 Exit reason 1

The Cause

This would indicate that your HostName does not match that of your System Preference HostName. So the license server is unable to start because of the differences.

Steps to Resolve.

1. Open Luxion License Server software and make sure to Stop the service.
2. Open your System Prefrence window
     2.1. Click on Sharing button and make a note of your HostName.
3. Open your keyshot_floating_xxxxxx.lic and find your HosName.
     3.1. Make sure that they match up.
4. Open a Terminal window and type in HostName hit Enter/Return.
     4.1. Your current HostName should print out for you to see.
5. If HostName don't match up follow instructions below.
     5.1. In Terminal window you will type the instructions below.
     5.2. sudo scutil --set HostName computers_HostName
     5.3. computers_HostName would be the HostName in Sharings settings.
     5.4. Enter your password and press Enter/Return.
6. Type HostName and press Enter/Return. Your HostName will print out.
     6.1. Your HostName should match your Sharings settings HostName.
7. Open your Luxion License Server and load correct floating license and start your license server up.

Check to see if you are bale to connect to your floating license.
If you are still not able to connect send us your Luxion.log file for further resolutions.