When looking at your LUXION.log you will get an error FlexNet Exit due to Signal 33 - Error Unknown HostName specified in the license file.

Steps On Changing HostName on Mac's
1. Open your System Preferences application and go to Sharing. In your Sharing preferences you will find your computer's HostName. Make a note of this HostName.
2. Open your keyshot_floating_XXXXXXX.lic and find your HostName
  2.1. Make sure that they match up. 3. Open Luxion License Server application and go to Install License tab. 4. Click on Status if the server is running. 5. You should see a dialog box with license server and status information. If the HostName appears to be the issue, then proceed with steps below. 6. Open the Terminal app. Type the following command inside the terminal and press Enter/Return.      6.1. sudo scutil --set HostName computer_HostName      6.2. In the command above, substitute computer_HostName with your server's HostName. 7. Type your password and press Enter/Return 8. Type HostName and press Enter/Return to check that the change took effect. Your HostName should now match you can attempt to start your license server.