This error code can appear if there is another instance of the Luxion License Server already running on your host computer.

Below you will find a guide as to how to check and stop any open License Server applications.

On a MacOS:

  1. Close the LuxionLicenseServer application
  2. Open a Terminal
  3. Use the command: ps -ax
    1. This will give a list of all applications currently running, it is more detailed than the one in activity monitor
    2. This list is sorted by the PID
  4. Locate the license server process called something along the lines of:
  5. Note the PID
    1. In my case it was 111, but I believe this varies
  6. Use the command: sudo kill -9 <PID>
    1. In example: sudo kill -9 111
  7. rerun ps -ax and verify no "lmgrd" or "LUXION" application is running
  8. Use the command: cd /var/tmp
  9. Use the command: ls -l
    1. You should see an entry like: -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 0 Dec 16 14:49 lockLUXION
    2. If you dont see that file continue to step 11
  10. Use the command: rm lockLUXION
    1. Note you may need to use sudo rm lockLUXION
  11. You are now done
    1. Open the LuxionLicenseServer application and setup as normal

On a WindowsOS:

  1. Close the LuxionLicenseServer application
  2. Open the Task Manager
  3. Search for any running programs named Luxion License Server
  4. If found, right-click the program and select 'End Task'
  5. Open the LuxionLicenseServer application to see if the problem as been solved

If this fails:

  1. Stop and close the Luxion License server, then hit the 'windows' key and enter 'LMTools'.
  2. Open LMTools and select the 'Start/Stop/Reread' tab.
  3. If this tab shows that the server is started, click stop.
  4. Start the service to see if it launches. You will see a small message at the bottom of the LMTools windows stating if it started or not.
  5. If it does not start, select the 'Config Services' tab and select 'View Log'.
  6. Make a copy of this log and send it to