When trying to use certain KeyShot plugins you may run into an error that looks similar to the one below. 

Environment Details

  • KeyShot | KeyShot Plugins
    • This can happen to any version of the KeyShot and the KeyShot plugin.


  • The would-be that KeyShot is installed in a different location than the Plugin is installed. 
    • This can happen as KeyShot installed "Just for Me" will install into a different directory.
      • The install can end up at "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\KeyShot ##\
      • The plugin will normally install to "C:\Program Files\KeyShot ##\Plugins\
        • This will cause it to be unable to find the bin folder in the root KeyShot folder hence the API error. 


The quickest way to resolve this would be by following the steps below. 

  • Uninstall KeyShot from the computer.
  • Uninstall the KeyShot Plugin.
  • Reinstall KeyShot.
  • Select the option Install for everyone using this computer.
  • Go through the installation Wizard but don't change any folder locations. 
    • Click Finish and Activate Keyshot.
  • Reinstall the KeyShot Plugin affected.
  • Launch the CAD software and test the Plugin to see if everything is working correctly.

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