When loading in a new license file to activate Network Rendering, the license does not update and still keeps the information of the older license file. For example, had an old license file with 32 cores. Entered the new license file for 64 cores, but in the Network Configurator, it still shows 32 cores.

Environment Details

  • Network Rendering
    • Any version
  • Subscription License for Network Rendering
  • Issue observed in Windows OS


  • The license file is not being properly deleted and replaced by the Network Rendering Manager.


Manually replace the license file.

  1. Stop the Manager service.
  2. Go to the default folder "C:\Users\Public\Documents\KeyShot ##Network Resources"
    1. ## is the version of KeyShot Network Rendering
  3. Delete the current license file.
  4. Copy the new license file into the folder.
  5. Reopen the Manager and start the Manager service.