In the Network Monitor, the Worker Status section at the bottom is empty and has a Worker count of zero. Connection to the Manager is fine.

Environment Details

  • KeyShot Network Rendering
    • Any versions
  • Windows OS


  • The Worker Tray App is stuck.


On all Worker nodes involved in the Network Rendering deployment, try the following:


Restart the Worker Tray App

  1. Log into the Worker machine > go to the Windows system tray and locate the Worker Tray app. See if there is a message saying, "Retrying Connection" (this can be for CPU or GPU).

  2. Right-click the gear icon > select either "Resume" or "Pause" CPU/GPUWorker. (Sometimes just toggling between Pause and Resume until it says "Pause CPU/GPU Worker" will get the worker back online.)


Install the Latest Worker or Reinstall the Worker

  1. Check if the Worker is matching the rest of the environment. Say if one worker is on v11 and the rest of the Workers are on v12, install v12 from the downloads site.

  2. Otherwise, reinstalling the Worker will re-establish the connection. Confirm the worker information is accurate for the environment in the Network Configurator > Worker Settings.

Additional Resources