When users borrow a floating license from the KeyShot server but don't return it back and you would like to take the license back from the user so that you or other users can use that license. You can follow the steps to do this manually, however, if the user has issues connecting to the license server after coming back their will be a link to follow below to fix their issue.




  1. Open LMTOOLS
    1. It can be found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Luxion License Server".
  2. Go to the Borrowing tab.
  3. Click on List Currently Borrowed Features.
  4. Type in the Display Name or th Feature name.
    1. Click Retun Borrowed License Early
    2. If you use keyshot2 (this may cause all borrowed licenses to be returned.
      1. keyshot2 = KeyShot Pro Floating license.
      2. keyshot_vr = KeyShot Web/XR license
      3. keyshot_enterprise = KeyShot Enterprise edition

Additional Resources

  • If the user comes back and they are not able to connect to the floating license to check out a license from an error saying they already have a license follow the link below.